Industrial and Production CGI

“The only thing that matters is the 10 seconds we have to impress a client.”

This kind of service is mainly used in presentations to impress potential customers and investors, visualizing the idea and the vision for them by showing details and features that words just can’t express.

A digital 3D Model of the product / project is created and then used in brochures, promotional material, marketing, or part of the packaging and information sheet.¬†Production CGI also highlights certain aspects of a product and how it’s features work or simply a realistic cut-through to show what’s inside. All of this adds up to making an amazing first impression.



  • Product Information Sheets detailing features and dimensions
  • Cover Renders
  • Exploded views
  • Product Components and cut throughs
  • Product usage and instructions
  • 3D Walk-through of planned building sites
  • Realistic 3D Renders of what the completed project / development / site will look like.

There are various rendering styles to choose from as well like the classic engineering booklet style, the clean rendering style, realistic renders and over the top renders that involve special effects to impress the younger crowd.



These projects are highly specific and prices are tailored to fit a client’s budget and need. Due to the nature of this kind of work it is impractical to charge by the hour and a fixed price for the project is calculated, however¬†to give a sense of price the fixed rate is calculated around my standard rate of labour (R300 p/h), resources required and what optimizations will help speed the project along.