Our love for puzzles inspired this piece of furniture that reflects that love.
So we made a table that serves as a practical place to build a puzzle, able to leave it undisturbed if left incomplete for later.
Finally, when the puzzle is built, to have a beautiful space to proudly display the completed puzzle.


Our tables can fit most 3,000 piece puzzles quite comfortably. And with the velvet inlay, smaller puzzles will look good as well.

Standard sizing:
1,200cm (L) x 850cm (W) x 400cm (H)

Tempered Glass inlay

Strong drawer with removable puzzle tray

Black velvet lining within puzzle tray

We offer a choice of three timbers. Pine (standard), Meranti and Burmese Teak.

There are three style options for the legs. Standard Straight, Slight angled and Turned legs.

And three table stain shades to suit your style. Imbuia, Mahogany and Oak.

Finally there is the option to have your table with a satin clear coating or a solid white satin finish.

These tables are quality products and not some cheap gimmick. It is our wish that when each table’s owner get to touch their table for the first time, that they’d be impressed with the workmanship and quality. In order to ensure that we’re making this pre-launch edition available at nearly cost price. All we ask and need is the final practical real-world test to see if it all works as intended. So feedback and suggestions are vital and may even have to include a personal visit from one of us to see the table in it’s new natural environment.

Base price: R8,500

Timber options:
Pine (standard)
Meranti + R300
Burmese teak + R550

Table leg options:
Straight (standard)
Slight-angled + R280
Turned legs + R700

Table stain shades: + R750
(Imbuia, Mahogany or Oak)

Satin clear coating: + R1,400
Solid white satin finish: + R1,400

As a gift, each pre-launch edition table includes a complimentary 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.


Measurements sideMeasurements front

Actual PhotoActual Prototype
This is a photo of the prototype’s frame standing on a dining table.

We’ve made one pair of legs to be straight and the other to be tapered so that people can see the difference.

There are some changes and additions that we’d love to discuss with our Early Adopter clients, and a features that we might include in the release version:

  • Adding sorting boxes.
    I myself am more of a chaos-builder, but I’ve seen on various puzzle groups that most people would love boxes / sleeves to sort the various pieces before building.
    There are several ways to do this, and rather than us guessing what will work, we’d rather design it with the first customers.
  • Deluxe Edition.
    This is a very enthusiast focused table, and will feature a more detailed design than the sleek design of the base model.
    Currently it is still in the design phase because I rather test some ideas with real customers than just guessing.